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What is a well defined question

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The more well formed your question, the more useful the information you'll get.

It's the purpose - not the object - that drives communication designers.

There are many possible ways to solve any particular communication/production problem - especially if you are the kind of person sees a limitation as a creative challenge, not a reason to invest more resources than you have.



Elements of a Well Formed Question


Why and for whom do you want to produce this item?

Is it for a comp, a short run, a client presentation, a senior show project or a large scale printed product. Different circumstances will get very different recommendations.


When does it have to be finished and in your hands?

Same story as above.


How much do you want to invest in time and money?


"As much time as necessary" or ASAP is also not really helpful. A specific date and time is much easier to work with.


"As little as possible" is not usually very helpful. You don't have to worry here. The purpose here is to try to give good advice. No obligations, no follow up spam trying to sell you anything. So...try to be honest about the amount of dollars you would be willing to throw at fixing this problem, before it's not worth it and you'd rather spend time instead.


What is the final object?

If it's a book, what size, how many pages, what kind of binding..

If it's a box, what siZe, special closures?, what kind of printing?

If it's an x, same story as above....


Leave your preconceptions out. The new possibilties of high quality digital print, internet communication tools, and simple solutions to hard problems are changing every day. Maybe there are technologies that you haven't even thought of that will solve your problem.

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