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the project room

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Procedures for Color Printing in CDT Project Room, 1006, 2 west 13.



The Good News is:

1. It is free to CDT seniors preparing for the Senior Exhibition.

2. You can print simplex or duplex, both on 8 1/2 by 11 and 11 by 17

3. It's easy for you to proof your PDF to get the results you want.


The Bad News is:

1. There is no choice of paper aside from the paper that is loaded in the machine. 24# bond white uncoated. (This is to keep maintenance costs manageable, so that it can continue to be free)

2. If you are not a trained tech, printing will be done on a regular basis, but not necessarily just when you want it.


If you want to become a trained tech, get in touch with Michael Josefowicz, josefowm@newschool.edu or josefowm@gmail.com to find out the details.



Here's how it works


Step One

Create a PDF file that is correctly named.

If it is not named correctly, it will not be printed.


Correct naming convention for PDF files to be printed is

groupwiselogin.mm_dd.(1 or 2).(1 or 2 or 3 or 4).pdf

groupwiselogin is your net id, your groupwise email account

.mm.dd is the month and day when you are submitting your file

(1 or 2) is whether your file is printing one side or two sides

1 or 2 or 3 or 4) is whether this is the first, second, third or fourth job you are printing today.

SO....... josefowm.02_05.2.4.pdf says this job was submitted by Michael Josefowicz on February 5th. It prints 2 sided (duplex). It is the 4th job that Michael submitted on February 5th.




Step Two

1.Find the CDT PRINT icon on the desktop.

2. Drag your PDF file onto that icon.


Step Three

Check the posted output times to see when your job will be ready.

Or if you are a trained tech, print it yourself.

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