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Page history last edited by Michael J 13 years, 4 months ago

This is a thinking place for creating a student newspaper



The optimal state would be a sustainable student newspaper that helps create a community among the students at school.


The benefit for the school would be an easier to manage environment that would lead to a better student experience. Since the core value created at a school is the best possible student experience, this will naturally support efforts to get increased enrollment and attract a better student population.


A secondary benefit would be to help nurture a culture that encourages innovative practice and creation of social capital.


The challenges:

1. To create an object that has clear value for the students.

Since the student is the "customer" the paper has to deliver clear value for the students. Anything else will be too expensive in time and money to succeed.


2. Understanding both the form and content that meets this criteria is beyond the capability of faculty, admins or anyone but the students themselves.


3. The logistics of managing the incubating process can be time consuming and expensive in staff time. The best results will be the result of a passion driven effort. Identifying, nurturing and co-ordinating that passion needs a different way to think about logisitics.


On possible approach


Perhaps we can frame this consistent with the ideas demonstrated in the micro-lending experience. The basic idea is that people are the source of creative energy. In order for that energy to achieve results, it needs principled access to resources. Mere income transfer or grants don't work.


But trust based access to resources in a context of transparency and accountability seem to have worked in the micro-lending context.



maybe the story is something like:


A dean's challenge grant


The dean's office would like to encourage the creation of a student newspaper. It is willing to support this effort with a seed grant of $2,500 and 8 hours of weekly access to SY and MJ, who will act as advisor and mentors.


The purpose of the newspaper is to improve the student experience at the school by encouraging a vibrant conversation among students across all departments.


The grant will be delivered in 2 installments, based on the following criteria:


The first $1250 will be delivered when a group is formed, and that group presents a "reasonable" plan for moving forward. The Dean, Susan and Michael will decide what is a reasonable plan.


The second $1250 will be delivered when the following criteria are met:


1. The paper has to demonstrate that a significant number of students see the product as having value.

2. A demonstrated business model must be in place for sustainable growth.



The expectation is that this will be a self-sustaining student owned and controlled enterprise. Going forward any profit will be reinvested in growing the enterprise. There is no pre set limit on the income, capabilities or function of the paper that evolves.

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