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at On Demand Journal.com.

What's Your Core Business? Pick One.

iPods and Textbooks Part 1

iPods and Textbooks Part 2

Textbooks, Digital Printing and the Dog Food Dilemma

Post Tipping Point Style Growth and the Printing Industry

It's the Output Business,

Print is cool and Print is Back!


The Xerox Blog In the Balance

April 20, 2007


Digital Print Roundtable Discussion Podcast 55 minutes

At AIIM/On Demand, 11 print experts from various backgrounds (Kemal Carr, Madison Advisors; Linda Casey, Commercial and In Plant Printer; Steve Duncan, Quadtech; Bob and Karen Hall, Quick Printing Magazine; Jim Hamilton, Infotrends; Alin Jacobs, DME; Michael Josefowicz, Josefowicz Associates; Gail Nickel-Kailing, WhatTheyThink.com; Katherine O’Brien, American Printer;Noel Ward, On Demand Journal) joined Gavin Jordan-Smith, vice president, Commercial Print and Pre-Press Segments, Worldwide Graphic Communications Industry Business in a lively roundtable discussion that covered four main subject areas: The Digital Shift, Digital Opportunities, Applications and Industry Outlook. To listen and/or download the MP3, here's the link. To read the transcript, click transcript.

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