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PubCenter art

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This was part of a campaign executed in Professional Projects class.

Led by Ed Walter, students include d( to come).

The branding campaign for Demos was recognized as best of (to come) in (to come) competition.



This poster was executed by (student) in this years Language of Production class. The students in LoP are given the opportunity to design real projects on an exra-culicular basis. The poster was produced in 1 week, with no face time, and used as to advertise the PDF Users Group meeting that is hosted by the Parsons CDT Pub Center.




These logos were created by a student in the Language of Production class. The problem was a logo for two small learning communities at Chelsea Vocational High School. The collaboration between Parsons CDT Pub Center has been in place for two years. These logos are compliments to the Soho Communication Arts Academy logo that was originaly produced in a Professional Projects, under the leaders of Paul Paauew.


Below is a link to page to the most recent outcome of the Parsons CDT Pub Center collaboration with Chelsea TCE High School.

Thomas Jacklin, a junior in CDT, has been hired as art director, and document creator for this semester. As part of his responsibilities, the link will take you to a series of postcards that were printed as part of the opening of a professional looking gallery at the school. The reaction of the students, teachers and administration to seeing their creative work contextualized in a professional way is leading to significant postive results in student and faculty enthusiasm and engagement.


The new communication design practice we are investigating is using a wiki as a content aggregation tool to make the creatives job easier. Our initial experimentation has yielded promising results. Thomas was able to have a week to design, then did all the document creation in about 4 hours. The teachers at the school were able to proofread and confirm student names spelling, and the connection of works to students over a weeks time. The file was submitted Monday at 11:30 pm. Approximately 500 cards, 12 each of 39 different versions were delivered to the school on Tuesday. They will be given out on Parent's night, Thursday night, as well as distributed to each student.


The reported results as of today (Oct 26) were very positive. The students were VERY excited to see their work on postcards. The teacher was very happy. And the admins loved it.


The next step is to work with the buy in we've been able to get from some students to engage them in literacy training that will lead to the publication of a book at the end of the semester, to be published as a compliment to to a year end show in their new Gallery.



link to postcards produced for SCAA gallery




The following are shots of the Faces Book produced by Alison Chan, Parsons 07.

In this project the art teacher at SCAA started with pictures of each students face.

Throughout the semester, each student used digital tools to render their faces in

"the style of..." Modrian, Picasso, Van Gogh and Keith Harring. The project seemed quite sucessful in getting student participation.


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