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Output Capabilities

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Procedure for Printing in Project Room

Printing Black and White in Project Room

Color Printing in Project Room

Admin experience:

Step One

Log in to printing computer Imac.

username: cdtprint

password: print1234


Step Two


(It will be on the desktop of the printing computer)

(View the contents in column format to make sure the contents appear.


Step Three


Choose Phaser 7750DN

User Experience:


Step One

Confirm that the file name has all necessary information by naming it correctly.

If it is not named correctly, it will not be printed.


Correct naming convention for PDF files to be printed is

groupwiselogin.mm_dd.(1 or 2).(1 or 2 or 3 or 4).pdf


says this job was submitted by Michael Josefowicz on February 5th.

It prints duplex.

It is the 4th job that Michael submitted on February 5th.


The separate elements are:

1.Your "groupwise login" name.

2. mm/dd is the date you sent the file to be printed.

3. 1 for a single sided job or 2 for a duplex job

4. 1 if it is the first job you submitted that day, 2 if it is the second, 3 if it is the third, etc.



Step Two

1.Find the CDT PRINT icon on the desktop.

2. Drag your PDF file onto that icon.


Step Three

Check the posted output times to see when your job will be ready.




Questions to be answered

What is the minimum effective training time?

What is the actual cost per copy + both toner and paper?

How many copies are actually done, by which students?

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