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Need to develop teachers who know they are going to be middle school teachers


Need course work about middle school about the developmental knowledge of middle school students


Susan Littlenfied - Literacy Studies at Lehman

The New York City Mathematics Project

teaching and learning and "Remembering" I would change to say to Using..

Middle school students solidify their conception of themselves as learners.

Student centered investigation

Constructing their own knowledge

display their knowledge in numbers of way

Co operative learning


Ongoing sustained professional development on the activity going on in the classroom.

Grant development partnering with musuems and initial


Lynette ex director of Teaching Matters

focusing on bringing tech into the classroom.

The strength of the leadership

The quality of the teachers

...One more..

urban boys have special challenges


New ways to scale professional development

New ways to deliver curriculum materials

raising 2 mil task based real world models of instruction


1. Teacher to organize herself

2. On line writing rooms

3. Focus heavily on creating events that students can demonstrate their learnings.


Have to designed not to insult experienced teachers

Has to be designed with a school's curriculum map

It has to tie in tightly with the required curriculum

Teachers to critically reflect on what they are doing


Councilman Gentille



Elise Barr

principal at middle school.

Allow children to be known.

Gives a student a voice

11 to 14 ---- emotional needs


A system of sorting students at age six, than having half of them drop out.

When looking at high performing schools, take a look at the student population.

At adoscelent the most valuable resource are peers who can do it. School choice is just another way to track. High stakes testing at the 4th grade, just

Metco Program in Boston. Diversity benefits everyone. Opportunity to be members of a diverse community.


Jeff Sorkin IS 39 in Brooklyn

Every class has appx thirty students.

Children need to be nurtured in an environment that cares for the specific needs.

Students need to know that we care. LEP/ Gifted and Talent/ Special Ed/

We would love to have additional time, the endless time for meaningless tasks, the rigid examination schedules.


The bosses say the teacher is accountable, while they shrug off that accoutablity.

Teachers collaborate on a regular basis.

Art, phys ed, technology..focus on learning is a life-long process that our friends at Tweed have a lot to learn about education.



1. Project Based and problem based learning.


2. The metric changed from comparable schools to non population comparable schools.

Progress reports do not reflect successful schools.


Porcia Armstrong [


Mission Statement

Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) is a non-profit, grassroots, multiracial, membership organization that advocates for the needs of students and parents – with a focus on working-class communities and communities of color – and the needs of teachers. CEJ bases its work on the ideas that high-quality education is a human right, and that human rights are the leading social and economic priority. In its organizing and campaigning, CEJ seeks to challenge racism, class oppression, sexism, oppression of immigrants, and oppression of gays and lesbians. CEJ also seeks to challenge corporate and management rights, while defending and expanding the rights of workers and those in low-income communities and communities of color. CEJ is committed to democracy, multilingualism, multi-racialism, and gender balance within the organization – and seeks balanced representation among parents, students, and teachers in committees and leadership bodies, with heavy representation of women, working-class people, and people of color.Read more


1. To provide a college prep curriculum

2. Longer school day

3. Visual performing arts and physical edu

4. AP Course/ Regent Level Science

5. Weekly professional development, weekly planning,

Proposed a middle level professional academy.

Proposed a Centralized point of school counselor development.

An AP to deploy centers of help.


The purpose of smaller class sizes is to give teachers time to look and think.


"Chancelor Klein has agreed to implement the findings of the panel in at least 50 middle schools in September."


Parent of three boys - disabled

Kids with disabilities -

Parent to Parent for New York State

Board of Ed is that disabled kids can't apply to special high school.

This is the last great civil rights issue as far as I am concerned.


Julie Stein

Center for Family Life

Collaborator with three middles schools

partnering teachers, artists and social workers.

Professor of Social Worker at Hunter - creating Hunter College of Social Work. To create a social success. We need to put money into creating diverse communities that function in schools.


IS 223 Diana teacher

Overcrowded schools.

Fighting a bringing in a new high school.


Courtney Smith

Focus on the arts. Student speaking....

Trinidad. Helped me to make friends and stay out of trouble.

Arts, dancing, when you remember a song in ELA,

Social studies you can put a beat to it... and it can help you remember it.


CUNY ?? founded by CUNY money and the Feds

multiyear partnership with middle to high school projects

Put them on the path to college in the middle school

College students to work as in class tutors.

Work 15 to 18 hours a week.

Trained graduate and post graduate..

Profound gap in guidance and counselors in Middle SChools.


Kathy Crusak PS 89

new school building

Isiah - why should we care, if they don't care about us.

My energy ran out a long time ago.

No library, no gym, no computer...

Don't makes us have hope, when there is nothing to hope for.


Thaddeus Brown


Gaps of teachers understanding of the issues that impact on adolsecents..

changes and challenges and the anxieties they are going through at that time of their lives..

More professional development on sensitivity to where the kids are developing.

Has to be relevent to their day to day life experience.


Meet these young people where they are, not a cookie cutter program of one size fits all.



Sex education - need for an appropriate dialogue about changes in their bodies and concepts of who they are. Peer pressure, and they are being told that everyone does it. Full disclosure on condoms ... Relationship and intimacy prior to 23 years old is unlikely to age appropriate sex education. Real Deal Talks with the Children.


Lenore Brown grandparent

NY Coalition for Educational Justice

So many teachers are so new, and won't stay unless they are supported.

Mentoring program with old and new teachers.

The Elite Teacher Program.

An Elite teacher spends half the time teaching, half the time working with new teachers. The role of parents CCB form a committee met every two weeks to monitor the program. The ability of that group to see the "big picture".

The Lead Teachers program.



If you sit and talk to students. They will tell you what they need.


Goerge Finley


Charter schools that record their education on video. Bklyn and Manhattan have some of the best

Jane Adams schools they have portable classrooms..

We have to start in the 6th grade to be able to get a kid into college.

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