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Networks of knowledge are activated by interest and focus


The outline of the practice of design, on the previous page, does not accurately represent the fact that the many specialties are networks of expertise. These networks are populated by actors who naturally spend most of their time and focus on developing the professional practice of their sub specialities. The best practice comes from those who are driven by interest and focus to spend most of their time within the specialities.


In a vibrant University organization they co-exist, have their own priorities and interests.

In a vibrant for profit organization, they also co-exist and have their own priorities and interests.


Unique networks must be activated to create the conditions for useful, trust based collaboration. The most predictable way to activate an appropriate network is by engaging with a problem that has interest for sub speciality network players. And a culture that makes it easy for the various expertise networks to engage an interesting problem.


In a profit driven organization, the focus of interest is defined at the center.


In a social enterprise, the focus of interest emerges from the interests of the consitutent networks, and the center finds and supplies resources and appropriate incentives.


Given the soical enterprise goal of making a better world, a focus on helping to build healthy, sustainable real world communities reveals a rich environment for locating 'interesting problems".


The global problems of war, democracy, physical and economic sustainability present themselves in actionable form in geographical areas. Given best practice network communications, any geographical area is accessbile from anywhere on the planet.


Given the interest of large funders to solve large problems, and the practice of implementing proof of concept activities, this seems a plausible route to scalable solutions that can make a real difference, in addition to creating a sense of satisfaction and meaning for the creative knowledge workers involved.


The opportunity for increasing the health of the University is that this is a natural way to overcome the limitations of legacy perspectives and the incentives that keep them in place, even as they become increasingly dysfunctional. It therefore may provide a plausible approach to increasing the health of the public discourse within the University, and provide a more clear framework for infrastructure planning decisions.


Implications for Learning

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