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Mexico City

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Recent communication from Joseph Staszak


From: Joseph Staszak

Date: Mar 26, 2007 3:14 PM



It is an honor to be working with Parsons, and with you through the Publishing Center.


We are preparing for the IDEAlliance Digital Congress in Mexico during June 2007. Is there any way to involve the Belgrade Poster Program and/or Parsons --in a project to emphasize and promote educational initiatives that utilize a Virtual Framework? Perhaps we could deliver a Distance Education Module via TeleConference, from New York to Mexico.


I am flexible in terms of projects, but limited in actual budget; the economy here is at a much lower level than the USA. My projects are all coordinated with IDEAlliance and the Professional Organizations in Mexico and are financed by my personal bank account. We just formed a strong bond with the Bellas Artes Graduate School of Design (a division of the Secretaria de la Cultura) that could be involved in a Parson-coordinated design project (perhaps with digital proofing), as we discussed several times. It would be an opportunity to push technology use via internet delivery.


Please let me know if there are any Parsons programs we should consider for an Education Without Boundries Project,during the June 2007 Mexico Congress. We await confirmation from the ISO TC Committee 130 on possibility of including the new CGATS Standard Submission for an ISO-Unified International Graphic Arts Characterization Data Set (that would allow a single digital color target for handing off files that will print as the designer envisioned -on any system worldwide).

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