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Jan 16

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Status Report January 15, 20007


January 16, 2007

Internal Report


Progress report on projects to be managed.


Project Manage Printer in 1006 so they are running by Dec 22

Spoke to Dave and he assures me that everything will be running by Jan 22 when school starts again

The plan is to print from one computer only to the color printer.


Collect, organize archival materials in support of centennial promotions such as oral histories for timeline, past student work, catalog scans, etc.

Shot and posted some representative catalog pages.

While not for reproduction, you can get a taste of what is available at http://languageofproduction.pbwiki.com/Assets%20for%20Website


As of today, a second shoot at Archives set up for Friday January 19 at 12 in the archives.


Waiting to hear from Michie’s team about further requirements.

Waiting for Meg Clallery in publications with files of Parsons catalogs.


Podcast set-up for lectures, special events

In thinking about the problem of what to podcast, the idea came up of podcasting music created by bands that are associated witht the department.


Document internal process, schedule for external partnerships – interface with Jane Pirone, CDT rep on the Parsons external partnerships committee

Met with Edwin Torres, alerted Jane about meeting. Edwin described the extent of his knowledge about external partnerships. it is posted at http://externalities.pbwiki.com.

The password is l3tm3in.


Support the documentation of final presentations for collaboration studios/ external projects

List of collabs below:



NFT Urban Narrative…. Pirone,Jane..Lichaw,Donna

Stop Motion Animation…. Johnson,Rachel

Chain Reaction…. Aufiero Tina..Bhatnagar Ranjit

OSI Project Lab Crean…. Melanie Truett..Charles

Target…. Pagulayan,Michie.. Macklin,Colleen

Fashionable Technology…. Seymour,Sabine.. Lewis,Alison

Disruptive Home…. Powderly,James

Motion Studio…. Sebek,Anezka..Schober,Michael

Electronic Arts Exhib…. Travis,Sven

Me & My Mobile Notzold,Paul


The plan is that I will visit each collab in the first two weeks of the semester, get a feel for the class, talk to the instructors and see what kind of documentation is most appropriate for them.


Organize exhibitions workflow

Spoke to Julia about instructors needs. Will spend time tonight at the CDT Senior Thesis exhibition. CM Look at RA system. Ask Michie for details of use.

Asked Michie – she said she would get back to me when she had some time.

1/11 – Meeting scheduled with Pat at 12:30 on Thursday this week.


Jan-April Publication, web design and branding for China National Art Museum exhibtion, 2008 CAFA, Tsinghua

Meeting with Sven and Pat on Thursday.


Jane asked if I could help get gather some background information for discussion about graduate program

I agreed to prepare some resources for distribution the second week of classes.


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