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All of the general stuff is interesting, but if you can't get practical answers to practical problems, who has the time?



If you want to know how, send me an email at josefowm@gmail.com.


And I will try to get you an answer that solves your problem. From time to time, I will post the questins and answers here.



Before you ask a how question, please consider the following:



"How" all depends on "what" and "why".

"How" is often best thought of as "use what you have to get what you need."

To make the best decisions, you have to both know what you have, and have a very clear idea of what you need. The more you know, the better your decisions. The better your decisions, the more power you have to do what you want.


If you are a pro, figuring out "what you need" can be thought of as having five parts:


The five professional steps of making communications:

Create - This is the hardest part. That's why creatives make the most money.

Assemble - This is document creation.

Deliver - This is putting it into a form that is ready for output.

Output - This is turning your input into stuff.

Evaluate - This is figuring out how to make it work better. Go back to create.


Figuring out what you've got, is a little less clear.

Start with what you can do.

Next step is what can you learn to do.

Next step is to know what your friends can do.

Next step is to figure what anyone can do.

The last step is putting it all together to get it done.



After you have considered these issues, you are ready to ask how.

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