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How does Life Work

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Dance, Monkey Dance


The Facts of Life

  • All humans beings are mammals.
  • All mammals do 3 things - fuck, sleep and eat.
  • And they act in ways to keep other things from getting in the way of doing these 3.
  • Human beings use words like "want" or "need" or "are interested", as they do 4 things.
    • Make Love
    • Sleep
    • Eat
    • Be in Love
  • Human beings make up stories to explain themselves to themselves.
  • Sometimes the stories are connected to evidence outside their heads. Sometimes not so much.
  • The stories are very important because human beings use those stories to communicate to themselves and others.
  • Communication makes human beings much safer than if they were all alone.
  • Some stories help humans make decisions that make them safer. Some stories, not so much.
  • The safer they are, they more easily they can
    • Make Love
    • Eat
    • Sleep
    • Be in Love
  • The safer they feel, the better stories they create.


Any statement that tries to describe reality that starts with "ALL" or implies "ALL" is bullshit.


Some examples

How do you know this isn't just my bullshit

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