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High School Pub Center

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Notes from April 25 meeting

New York Middle School Task Force


What they have to learn in Communication Arts

What they have to learn in Global Studies

What they have to learn in a Technology school

What they have to learn in Business School


What is NROC?

The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) is a growing library of high-quality online courses for students and faculty in higher education, high school and Advanced Placement©. This project, supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, facilitates collaboration among a community of content developers to reach students and teachers worldwide.







  • Art work and collaboration with Ms.Sheila Tilly, evangelist art teacher. !7 years as a NYC Public School Teacher
  • Ms.Demaris Moody and Ms.Sheila Averbach, NYC teachers for more than 15 years, supplied memoirs written by her class of inner city 10th graders. They also put in long hours editing the work to make it ready for publication.



Transformation Infrastructure

  • Michael Josefowicz worked as CPM. Undergraduates from Parsons the New School for Design, Communications Design Dept, donated their time as part of their involvement at the CDT Pub Center at Parsons.
  • The technical infrastructure was PBwiki as the asset aggregation and editing tool.Basecamp was the project management functionality. InDesign was the document creation tool.
  • Astoria Graphics, a local digital printing company printed 14 x 20 posters, and perfect bound books on Xerox Igen3. more details



  • Series of posters on Frederick Douglas: run length 2 sets of 15 posters each.
  • Two volume publication of Student Memoirs in Spring 2006
  • Faces, and art book using the Faces of students as the raw material. The students mainpulated those face photographs in their photoshop class, in the style of famous artists; Paul Klee, Van Gogh, Keith Herring among others. Classroom edition of 30 full color books printed and delivered to the classroom.
  • Two volume publication of Student Memoirs in Spring 2007. This lead to the first publishing party at which each student got their own personalized copy of the memoirs.


Creating Social Capital

The most important outcome is the emergence of a leadership team of evangelist teachers easger to use the power of publishing throughout the curriculum in the interests of improving attendance and graduation rates.


A simple intervention in an art class took homework compliance from less than 20% to over 85% in three weeks, with no class time devoted to the discussion of homework.


As a result of the continued activity and the Publishing Party, a network was created that now includes the School Counselor and a Google Certified teacher. A Google discussion group has been started. Plans are now being made for building on the energy created.


A simple intervention in an art class took homework compliance from less than 20% to over 85% in three weeks, with no class time devoted to the discussion of homework.


Next Steps

Work to date done by the pilot pub ctr has determined that some teachers will learn and adopt internet communication techniques in the interests of publishing their students work. There is some evidence that publishing improves the student experience. We are seeking funding for a further 6 months development of this pilot pub ctr project. This 6 month additional program will include data collection and measurement of the improvement caused by the pilot project and allow us to refine and develop the model so that it can be replicated easily and inexpensively in other schools and institutions.


Design School Research Proposal

The Pitch


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