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This is just a holding place on the presentation from Doris from Pantone.


The thing I found most interesting is what effects color trends, and how the color can be both cause and effect of the "atmosphere". Strikes me that this is another lens on what Communication Ecology describes as the "context".


Doris mentioned that blue is the favorite color of Americans. It would be interestng to know what would be the favorite colors around the world.


The biggest thing about the color of the last two decades is that it's now all about the material. In the 80's it started to change. In the 60's and 70's it was all about the decoration. Then it started to change and moved towards the importance of the material.



In discussing brands and colors, she pointed to McDonalds as a great example of corporate color consistency. In fact there is only one McDonalds on the planet that is not the Golden Arches.


Evidently the folks in Sedona, Arizona thought golden arches didn't work for them and they wanted teal instead. (by the way, McDonalds in Sedona also has Wi Fi.


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