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CDT Course Proposal

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Communication Ecology

Making a Better World and a Better Career


This course comes out of a independent study between Michael Josefowicz, CDT, and Thomas Jockin, Parsons CDT '08. Communication Ecology is a theoretical framework that can help the designer, and others, measure the value created by their design object - whether it is a printed or any form of multi-media. The approach is that once you know what and how to measure, you are better positioned to make important life and creative decisions. How can you tell if your design worked? How to chose a client or a boss? Is there a way to judge if your innovative idea might lead to real change, great design and financial success. As the value of communication design can be demonstrated, the perceived value, respect and therefore the compensation of the professional designer will increase.


The class will be organized around the goal of inventing and delivering a real solution to a real life problem. The choice of problems will be discussed online, for two weeks before the first class. In the first class, students will choose which problem they want to work on.


The organization of the class will be once a week presentations by domain experts presenting various expert viewpoints - they may include economists, sociologists,or psychologists as appropriate, to help define the chosen problems. Project teams will work primarily using web based collaboration tools.


Required readings will include:

Cities and the Wealth of Nations by Jane Jacobs

The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell

Required attention to:

Noise vs Signal Blog

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