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Another way to run a class

Page history last edited by Michael J 13 years, 3 months ago

So suppose a different story was used for a class...


Let's pretend that this is a business. The specific mission of the business depends on the content of the class. If it's a liberal studies class, the mission might be to create a think tank. For a studio class, our instructors would probably not have a problem defining a mission that works. For some it could be looking for potential hires, for others it might be more project defined.


In a design school we have a pretty good advanatage as almost all of our students are very worried about getting a job. They know and we know that the grade they get, as long as it's above a B doesn't really matter that much. Our other unique advantage is that almost all of them are "creative" and "ego centric".


What would be the effect of using a different story.


The result at the end of the semester would be a job recommendation. They could use it on the resume and it would give a potential job opportunity or team in formation a much better guide to whether they should hire this person.


So, as in any business, the first two sessions are used to find out what they can do and what they are interested in. And a description of what the instructor is looking for a new hire. It's made very clear that this is only one person's opinion, but that's completely consistent with the way the world works.


At the appropriate evaluation times, the "potential new hire" is given feedback from their "supervisor".


At the end of the semester, they get their regular grades AND if they get over a B, they get a potential employee evaluation. This would be useful for the students to let them know what they have to work on, and should be easy for the instructors, as most of our teachers are constantly on the look out for new hires. (That's the benefit of so many part time faculty.

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